5 Things You Need To Know About ‘The Exorcist’ TV Show

Even “The Exorcist’s” most devoted fans have to admit that there’s nothing sacred about this terrifying franchise. Years after “Exorcist II: The Heretic” infuriated film-goers, it was followed by another sequel and a pair of troubled/overlapping prequels. If you also factor in the imitators (most recently “Outcast”) and the parodies (“Scary Movie”), you’ll see that there’s no reason to waste your breath complaining about “The Exorcist” TV show arriving this fall. In fact, there might even be some pretty good reasons to be excited. Here are five facts will give you a better sense of what’s to come.

1. It’s going back to the source

“The Exorcist” phenomenon all began with William Peter Blatty’s celebrated novel and it seems the series is returning to the source—in search of some new scares.

2. The movie also plays a role

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While it’s common for remakes to focus on the original source material, they tend to distance themselves from earlier movies. However, based on the trailer for “The Exorcist” TV series, it appears to be heavily influenced by William Friedkin’s Oscar-winning original.

3. The MacNeils are now the Rances

While “The Exorcist” TV series has several parallels to the original movie and novel, it’s also taking some surprising detours. The MacNeils are now known as the Rances, they’re a larger family, and the evil invading their home sounds like something out of “The Conjuring.”

4. It features two very different priests

The priests in 1973’s “The Exorcist” had varied backgrounds, but they had no trouble uniting against a common enemy. According to the official plot synopsis, the TV series is built around a more pointed Catholic conflict between the “progressive, ambitious, and compassionate” Father Tomas Ortega (Alfonso Herrera) and the “relentless, abrasive, and utterly consumed” Father Marcus Brennan (Ben Daniels).

5. It stars an Oscar winner

The original film’s Chris MacNeil was played by future Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn, so it makes sense that the show’s producers would offer their most comparable role to another Oscar winner: Geena Davis.

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